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When Optimize Press was launched years ago, shortly after Kajabi was introduced, it immediately became a huge success. Laypeople were all of a sudden able to create astonishing sales pages, squeeze pages and membership sites without any coding or graphical design skills. I have never seen as much buzz on the net for an internet marketing related product as I did for Optimize Press.

Now, years later James Dyson is just about to launch a completely new version of Optimize Press, and just like last time, there is a lot of buzz around this launch. Expectations are high and I feel extremely confident that James will deliver nothing but a perfect tool for internet marketers. Optimize Press should, according to the plan, be released today July 31, 2013. At this moment, I am still waiting for it to go live. I guess we will see it on the market within the next couple of hours.

You don’t find many industries where you see as much garbage as you do in the “IM” world; “Products” about creating “Products”, Blogging courses about blogging, “make money course” informing people how the “make money course” was made and how much it generated. The list goes on and on with pure bulls…! However, Optimize Press is something that really stands out from the rest. The theme is developed to perfection, and I know from the first version, that the team behind will continuously apply updates, add features and deliver first class support – even years later! In the normal world, this sound good but not that special – in the IM World, this is absolutely huge!

Optimize Press 2.0

I love to see what James has done and how it pays off. He took his time to develop something truly unique to begin with, which clearly did pay off! Knowing that, there is a really good reason to start working on version two, right. Most people in this space would probably put something slightly better than the first version together in a matter of months, maybe even weeks and start pitching people once again, thereby easily lose credibility and valuable clients and fans. James spent years, optimizing Optimize Press to perfection.

How do I know this will pay off? Well go take a look at the comments on the sales page. The short version is that people basically cannot wait until they get a chance to throw money at James.

I think there are some very important aspects to note from the whole process James has gone through, which everyone in the IM world could learn a lot from.

He started out designing sales pages and clearly had a flair for it. My guess it he enjoyed it and could see the potential in it. Before Optimize Press he created some similar programs where you easily and quickly could create different sales pages. Needless to say this didn’t come close to Optimize Press in terms of features, but at that time, it was still good, and innovative. Seeing the demand for this is probably what sparked the idea for Optimize Press. He created something which was in demand, and he did one hell of a job!
After Optimize Press he must have had lots and lots of subsribers on his email list. But unlike the typical IM individual, he didn’t spam them to death by promoting new and useless IM tools. He did promote a few, all of which I bough – needless to say all of this was high quality and useful! Then years went by where no one knew what James was up to – And now, today, he is about to launch the new Optimize Press and people can’t wait!

  • He worked on something he had a passion for
  • He had a very clear focus
  • The results were astonishing – Nothing was left to chance
  • He is clearly striving for excellence
  • He produces something there is a huge demand for
  • He is extremely honest and cares for his clients

This is my take on it, at least. The short version is, Optimize Press will be released soon, and I bet James is looking forward to it. In addition to this, I think we are likely to see more Optimize Press updates in the future and I am sure Optimize Press clients will come back, more loyal than ever.

I think its amazing to follow this whole journey from the sideline and observer what James does and how well he does it. When I work on my own projects, I often think of the Optimize Press process for inspiration.

I wont be going into details about the new Optimize Press here, simply because I haven’t tested it yet. I will however, get myself a copy the second it gets released, so I can use it both for sales pages and membership sites for the various projects I work on.

Will I write a detailed review of Optimize Press here on Partial Passive Income? Probably not. That’s not really the purpose of this site and I am sure lots and lots of people out there will do exactly that and do it way better than I ever could anyhow. But who knows, I might be so amazed about the whole thing, that I simply feel a need to tell you all about it. Time will tell. One thing is sure; I will get myself a copy the second it’s released.

How about you? Will you get yourself a copy of the new Optimize Press?