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Optimize Press 2.0

The new Optimize Press is out and I bought a copy right away. I have used the old Optimize Press since the day it was released and it is without a doubt the best product I have ever bought online. Because of this, I didn’t hesitate one second when the new version was released. In the last post about OptimizePress 2.0 I mentioned that I probably wouldn’t write a review, but I simply like this theme / plugin so much, and I know lots of people are looking for a review on this, so here goes:

I know a lot of you guys are looking for an honest review, and you wont find that by searching google. All “honest”-OptimizePressReview domains must be taken by now, and I betcha’ most of them will write anything to get commission. Sure I am biased as well, simply because I loved the first version, but I will do my best to be as fair as possible.

Get it here: OptimizePress

First of all, lets talk about the price:
OptimizePress comes in two versions, for those who don’t have a copy of the old OptimizePress:

Core Package – $97: This will allow you to use OptimizePress on 3 personal sites.
Publisher Package $197- : This will allow you to use OptimizePress on 10 personal sites
Pro Package – $297: This will allow you to use OptimizePress on an unlimited amount of sites.

These are all one-time fees. You will only have to pay once, to use OptimizePress for the rest of your life. Note that none of these options gives you developer rights. More on this later. The only difference between the packages is the amount of sites you can install OptimizePress on. Everything else is the same. You get access to exactly the same whether you buy the Core, publisher or Pro pack.

If you are a former OptimizePress client meaning that you have a copy of the first version, James have sent you an email with special offer, where you can buy the Publisher or Pro package at discounted price of:

Publisher Package: $97
Pro Package: $197

Basically a discount of $100 on either of the two options. Needless to say I went with the Pro Package.
Once you have decided on the package you want (but before payment) you will be directed to an upsell page, where you can buy an Exclusive Club membership for:

Discounted price: $17 /month
Standard price: $29/month

It seems like everyone is entitled for the discounted price on the membership for now. According to the sales page, the discounted price is for a limited period only, but no specific date is listed. The exclusive membership will give you access to all the latest resources, tools and techniques which are used by the team behind OptimizePress. I signed up for it, just to test it and see what it is – more on this later.

A Note From OptimizePress Founder, James Dyson:

Welcome to the OptimizePress Club. This is the place where myself and my team will be sharing exclusive OptimizePress templates, tools and resources.

So as not to overwhelm you, we’re holding back a few days from loading too much content into the ClubHouse, so you have chance to get familiar with the new OptimizePress platform.

However you will see more content being added here over the coming days and weeks so check back often

After the upsell you checkout – only credit cards here guys. No paypal option. Once the payment is accepted you are directed to a thank you / login page, informing you, credentials have been sent in an email.

When you log in, you can

Download OptimizePress Plugin V2.0
Download OptimizePress Theme V2.0
Download OptimizeMember Plugin

Then you have access to the following sections:

Members Home – Here you can download the above-mentioned files
Downloads – A section with the same download links, and more information about them.
Licensing – Listed API Keys for you to use when you are to activate Optimize Press
Basic Training – A total of 5 videos to help you get started installing and using OptimizePress
Login/Logout – self-explanatory
ClubHouse – This is the exclusive membership I bought access to in the beginning for $17 /month.

The Videos: They are very clear and easy to follow. However, they don’t cover the same amount of details as all the videos from the first version of OptimizePress did. I guess this is because the site is completely new and I guess they will continue to add more videos over time, when questions start to come in. However, when you setup the theme or plugin on a site, there are additional videos for most fields with additional details.

The Theme / Plugin: Right after installation, (which is done like installing any other theme / plugin – easy peasy; it does however, take a bit longer than usual themes / plugins), you will have an OptimizePress section on your backend. The only difference between the plugin and the theme is that the theme has a Blog settings and Blog setup section. There are all the features you would expect from a theme / plugin backend, plus much much more! In version 1 of OptimizePress it was only developed as a theme, so if you wanted to run a custom theme on the front end and use optimizepress for a membership site as the back-end you would need two wordpress installations on the domain. Now with the new version, you can easily run it on one installation by using the plug-in.


OptimizePress Live Editor
In the new OptimizePress there is a live editor which is used in order to create squeeze pages, sales pages, membership pages, etc. In the old version you had to use shortcodes in order to develop these sites and add new elements. In OptimizePress 2.0 this is replaced with the live editor and it is absolutely brilliant. Here you get to see the result in real time as you build them. It’s easy, intuitive and looks astonishing. The amount of elements you can use is huge! You will have more than enough stuff, to really make your site stand out from the crowd. In addition to this, there are lots of themes, and even more when they open up for the OptimizePress 2 market place.

More stuff
OptimizePress 2 is now completely responsive. It now comes with it’s own membership site software. Autoresponder integration is now easier than ever before. You can split test elements easily. Quickly add exit redirects. Add one time offer count down pages. The list goes on ad on.

The Negative
I cannot think of a lot, but I imagine some people will have issues with:

The price. It’s not exactly cheap. But if you need anything like a squeeze page, membership site, or similar, you will have to pay up anyway, and I promise you OptimizePress 2.0 will do the job better than any other theme / plugin.

The Size: I haven’t really tested OP 2.0 enough yet to know if this is true or not, but I could imagine it could affect site speed.

Developer license: Seems like there is no option here so if you want to develop OP 2.0 sites for clients, I imagine you have to buy an additional license for each site you want to sell.

Migration: If you have OP1 installed on a site, I think it might be a bit complex to migrate to OptimizePress 2.0. I haven’t tested this yet though so I can’t say for sure.

Exclusive Members Club: There is not really a lot of stuff in the exclusive membership club. I am sure there will be in the future, but right now, there is only one additional template in there. I was to buy OptimizePress 2.0 now, I would probably wait with the exclusive membership club, for another month or two, as I expect there will be a lot more material and information shared in the future.

Verdict on OptimizePress 2.0

The short version is; This is really the best-developed theme I have ever bought. Everything looks good, works perfectly and is intuitive. If you though version 1 was good, you are going to love the new optimize press. Sure it’s a bit expensive, but compared to what you get and how much effort they have put into OP2, I clearly think it’s worth it.